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As a Holiday Rewards Plus member you simply need to follow these easy steps:
  1. log on to your Rewards account,
  2. then click through to the Lifestyle+ shop (button below),
  3. Once you select your offer (from eCards or eStore) drag the slider to see the maximum amount of Rewards you can apply, click “Add To Cart” and pay the outstanding cash balance.
The cash balance can be paid via Credit/Debit Card or to save on banking fees you can do a Direct Deposit to your eWallet simply by using your Order No. as your reference. Your purchased vouchers will be kept in your personal eWallet for easy access when you are ready to redeem them instore.    

Happy shopping!

      *Savings occur when your Rewards are applied as a contribution towards the cost of Lifestyle+ offers and the annual savings amounts shown are indicative only. Retail partners, offers and Rewards contributions are subject to change without notice.

For more information and to book simply call our travel experts on 1300 780 644